The Benefits of Daily Mass

Never let anyone tell you daily mass isn’t worth it. There is nothing like a quick half hour with God to get you back on your feet and motivated to do the ten pounds of Organic Chemistry homework awaiting you in your room. It is especially wonderful for me because I am usually playing guitar/frantically trying to find the page of the song during the times in Sunday mass that are set aside for personal prayer. In short, daily mass is absolutely wonderful and highly recommended!

With my renewal of motivation after mass, I’m ready to tackle my film, television and theater seminar homework but I don’t think I’m quite ready for orgo. Toss in a couple more prayers for salvation and we’ll see what happens.

I have returned to my debacle considering majors with a slightly more optimistic eye. I think I have a few majors that I would enjoy in addition to my SCPP major. (Forewarning: I use the term ‘few’ loosely.) To make things even more complicated, I had the brilliant idea that I could just stay with one major and minor in all of the fun things I enjoy. I am planning on making pro/con charts for my potential majors — let’s just say that it might take a wee bit of a long time.
Now that I have kept you waiting with baited breath for the revelation of this little freshman’s options, let me clue you in. The potential majors are anthropology– focusing on medical and biological anthropology–Spanish, psychology, and theology. Maybe medieval studies could find a home on that list as well as theater. As for supplementary majors, there is a Spanish supplementary major, a theology one, and a medieval studies one. Carefully peeking around the corners of the majors wait all of the options for minors: anthropology, education, schooling and society (ESS), liturgical music ministry, science, technology and values (STV), medieval studies and theology.
Lots of choices, I know. Hopefully I will be able to narrow these down before making a pro/con chart. Otherwise, I am going to kill a lot of trees!
(Disclaimer: No trees were harmed in the writing of this post.)

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