A Well Timed Epiphany

Don’t you love when it just suddenly dawns on you that hey this is super interesting, I think this would be the best and most fun thing for me to do for the rest of my life? That is the exact feeling I got as I left my friend’s anthropology class last Friday.

That makes deciding a second major a lot easier, eh? It is rather nice to have that weight off my shoulders. All I have to do now is talk to the department and make it official!

Some more good news: my roommate situation for next year, which had been up in the air, has been brought down to earth and figured out. Once more, all we have to do is make it official! It was wonderful spending two hours in a Starbucks just chatting and learning more about each other. I have high hopes for the next two semesters!

Turning back to the major dilemma (haha), all that is left to do is to actually schedule out my classes with course numbers and the like. That way, I can actually see if a minor in Liturgical Music Ministry could possibly fit. Although, that depends on how music theory heavy that minor is. If the theory is too out of my league, I can see if science, technology and values would fit. Or just stick with the impossibly intimidating workload of a double major. We’ll see.

In other news, midterms week is upon us here at Notre Dame. In a lucky coincidence, I only have one midterm, organic chemistry, the week before spring break. At least I think I only have one… I’ll have to check on that. That means this Sunday has been filled with doing homework and being as productive as can be on everything except chemistry. Isn’t it funny how that works out? When there is one thing that you really need to do, ie. study orgo, you are super productive in doing absolutely everything, and I mean everything, except it.

Case and point: Today, instead of doing organic chemistry, or calculus for that matter, I have successfully completed all of my online Spanish work for the week, have written up most of my lab report that is not due until Thursday, have filled out a form for Freshman retreat the weekend after break, and have written this blog post!

As I now realize how much of a procrastinator I am at heart, I am going to start my calculus homework and then whoops! It will be time for lunch! I’ll get around to studying orgo….eventually.

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