Long Time No….See?

There are lots of things to talk about today! It has been a busy few weeks! However, before I go into recap mode, the top news of the hour: as a sophomore, I got a single room for next year! How amazing is that? My would-be roommate was also able to hop up onto my room pick number and get the last single. The both of us are sad that we won’t be rooming together, yet we are thrilled to have singles! I think I’ve just about exhausted my exclamation point quota for the post. Yay!!!! There we go, all better now.

Now, I’ll attempt to focus…keyword: attempt. By now all of the midterms for this semester are through; I had my last one, calculus, on Tuesday. While I could be happier with my results, they turned out well enough. There is room for improvement that I plan to jump on!

Spring break was last week and it was wonderful. You would think that a week of time to chill would serve as an excellent prerequisite for a blog post, but surprisingly it didn’t. A magnificent excess of quality television that lasted until 6am one night was particularly spectacular, though it did have repercussions for my sleep patterns. You notice I say quality television? Just to be clear — I didn’t spend time watching paid programming; Hulu was a good friend of mine last week.

I hate to leave you hanging but I’ll have another post up soon with the rest of the news from your very own melodramatic double major. I just don’t seem to be able to focus as I am still inwardly ‘squee’-ing over my room for next year!

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