New Directions

Well hello again! Yes, yes, I know it has been too long but I have returned! Who knew that having a Calculus and Organic Chemistry exam would drive one to blogging. Perhaps because blogging is a wonderful tool for procrastination? There are so many options for procrastination, even for blogging itself. But I digress.

You may notice some changes. You probably should have; they are just a teensie bit obvious. As I am officially a science major with a minor in anthropology, our title has been changed appropriately. Also, I felt like the previous background was a bit too…well, daisy-ish. I mean, there doesn’t seem to be much of a springtime feel up in the cold midwest! Although in the past week, we’ve had some wonderful weather so my goal is to keep the background bright but a bit more sophisticated.

A new opportunity has come to my attention today, The Hub. It is similar to a self-sustaining blogosphere, but with a focus on academics and life at Notre Dame. There are posts about proper e-mail etiquette, student research, study abroad experiences and much more. I am in the process of writing up a post on how, as a freshman, I came to decide my major. Keep an eye out for that soon! And this time, I actually mean soon. I promise!

Also, as one of the new liturgical commissioners for my dorm, Pasquerilla West, the work has already begun! We’ve got plans to beautify our bush in front of the dorm – I promise it has liturgical significance! – as well as start holding Divine Mercy Chaplets every week.

What do you think a good dorm liturgical event would be?

With that, I’m off to go beat procrastination with a stick and try and get some homework done. In laymen’s terms, I’m going to dinner.


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