Holy Holy Week Batman!

To start off this very late in the year Holy Week, what do you think the weather did? It snowed. In the middle of April. Seriously? After two or three days of upper 70s I thought we were past this! It is my greatest hope that the weather can figure itself out and just stick to one thing!

On to more pressing matters, most, if not all, freshmen science majors are not having quite the relaxing Holy Week you would expect from a Catholic university. With a calculus exam early Tuesday morning followed by an organic chemistry exam on fast approaching Thursday, there isn’t much time for relaxation or reflection. Not to mention numerous papers and projects that cover all the disciplines. Let’s just say that there is a lot of work to be done.

I discovered the wonders of a first floor study room in my dorm, PW, the other day. One wall was mostly window looking out onto the quad and there was ample room for me to spread out all of my stuff. I pretty much moved in there yesterday, there really isn’t a better way to say that. I think I spent a solid six hours from lunch until dinner time working on calculus with some orgo and Spanish thrown in the mix in my wonderful little study room. It was actually quite an accomplishment for me! We may only have three weeks (eek!) left in the year but I have finally found my productive study space! Better late than never, I guess.
Last weekend, the university had the Blue and Gold game where the offense of the football team plays the defense. It was a good game; the bad part was that it poured. Buckets upon buckets of water rained down upon the stands. And, lo and behold, this melodramatic science major was working first aid for the game as part of the First Aid Service Team (FAST) and had the pleasure of staying through the entire game! On the brighter side, no one was injured in or near my station! I’ll be wearing my official first aid polo and my official name tag again tonight as we are in the last two weeks of the Bookstore Basketball tournament!
On that note, have a blessed Holy Week and I will be back if I survive my exams!

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