Has it already been a year?

Lo and behold, the cliche has proved itself true. Freshman year flew by faster than I could blink! Finals, packing, and saying goodbye has consumed my life this week! The frantic exchanging of skype names as a car is honking in the PW circle as well as tearful long goodbyes between close friends fill the halls. I am torn: as excited as I am to go home and see my family and friends, I am not ready to leave my home under the Dome. But, on the bright side, I’m only a freshman (a sophomore now!) so I’ve still got three more years left at Notre Dame.

This summer is going to be super busy for me. I’ve got plenty of things to keep me going! After a week or two of time to sleep and leave my room only for food, I am going to be shadowing my primary care physician who I have been seeing ever since I moved to Memphis. I can’t wait to learn about her practice!
The most exciting thing that I’ll be doing this summer is traveling to Rajasthan, India to teach students up to the 12th grade US History and English pronunciation. Essentially, I’m going there to expose them to American culture and be a poster child! I am so thrilled! I already have my flights planned out and I’ll be starting my application for my visa once I finish this post. There is internet at the school so I will continue to post throughout my trip. The posts that I write while in India will also appear on The Hub. Keep an eye out for those!
With that, I have some more packing to do before my parents arrive in a few minutes to pick me up! The pictures of the Dome in the spring were taken by a friend of mine named Matt McCurdy. Kudos to him on his excellent photography! God bless and safe travels to everyone who is headed home from school or traveling elsewhere!

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