Visa, Visa, Visa!

I have been having a wonderful time relaxing for the first half of my summer. Currently, we have gathered for Grandma and Grandpa’s 50th wedding anniversary and Grandma’s birthday in Hilton Head, South Carolina and it is gorgeous here! I got to meet the newest addition to my family after a few years delay and though she still doesn’t know my name, I had a blast building sandcastles with her older sister. Despite infamous family tempers, we haven’t quite killed each other yet. This bodes well since I’m still here until the end of the week!

One particular fun part of this trip is taking requests on guitar. I have entertained the drunk legions (sorry, I just had to use the word legion in this post, I couldn’t resist!) of family and will be doing the same thing tonight. As long as they don’t scream for Free Bird, I’m sure it will go smoothly. I’ve actually become much better at singing and playing at the same time this trip. You know me and coordination: I need as much practice as I can get!
On the other side of the world (literally) my Indian visa was finally approved and sent back to the outsourcing company earlier today. It is being overnighted to my house so after much stress on my end, I will be able to leave for India on schedule. I was contacted by a priest who works at home who worked at St. Anselm’s for four years earlier in the millennium and was able to tell me what I’ll be teaching. Grades 5-12 all have built in ‘English Conversation’ classes so I will be taking over that hour of class. Whether I will play more of a teaching assistant role or be the sole professor, I have yet to discover. I leave next Monday so there may be a few quick updates while I’m bored sitting in the airport in Mumbai!
I have missed blogging this summer and am happy to be back in business! Until later!

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