Three Days Worth of Traveling!

Hello everyone! I’m currently in Newark, NJ posting from the airport. I’m waiting on my flight to Amsterdam which leaves in a few hours. I thought I’d pop a quick post up here saying ‘hi!’ and add onto it as I continue to travel. Lord knows, I have a lot of traveling to do!

There is surprisingly good food at this airport; I just ate a delicious panini/flatbread-like creation that I am certain my friend over at The Improvised Chef would have loved! It was a Chicken Delicato Panini with roasted red peppers and a creamy pesto sauce to die for! Even at obnoxious airport prices, it was worth every bite! Sandella’s Flatbread Cafe, take note of it!

I found another friend on the flight here and we had a wonderful time talking across the aisle for the two hour flight. I’m not sure the 4 people sleeping around us enjoyed it but hey, that is what ear plugs are for! I’m out for now. I’ll try to update once I’m all settled in Amsterdam…depending on whether I can find free internet or not.

Until later!

I am finally safe in Amsterdam and at my gate for my next flight! I can’t believe it has been over 10 years since I have been in Europe. I have one more super long flight before a six hour layover in Mumbai. I’m still trying to trick myself into thinking it really is 8am when my internal clock says it is 2am and I should be asleep! Oh well!

At least I get one hour of free internet in the Amsterdam airport. It’s all about the little things! Speaking of little things, I was oh so lucky enough to get one of the twenty or so seats on my last flight that had a malfunctioning TV. You could play music and games but couldn’t watch any movies or television! Needless to say, it was a looong flight. That was rather frustrating but my fingers are crossed that I’m on a different plane for the next leg of my trip. My seat assignment is actually the exact same. Fingers crossed!

I’ll try to find free internet when I get to Mumbai. Everyone back home, sleep well and know that I am extremely jealous that you are sleeping and I am not!

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