Back Home Under the Dome

I’m all settled in back at Notre Dame and having a blast doing First Year Orientation or, as we like to call it, Frosh-O. We have eighty-seven new freshmen in Pasquerilla West and they are all awesome! Frosh-O is probably one of the best events that Notre Dame has and I have absolutely loved being on staff for it.

The first day of Frosh-O consisted of moving all the girls in. All of the ‘Wild, Wild Pasquerilla West’s’ Sheriffs had sore arms from lugging so many boxes up the stairs. Luckily, I was able to consistently get elevator duty although another staffer and I were beasts putting up modular furniture on the second floor. The parents were surprised at our hidden strength. I told them our enthusiasm for the new freshmen was putting strength into our limbs and making us superwomen. I do love hyperboles.

Last Friday night was the night for sisterhood. We started at an 8pm meeting with our sections and doing some fun activities. Since PW’s theme this year is the ‘Wild, Wild Pasquerilla West’ they painted burlap sacks with their roommates. Once they dry, the girls can use them as room flags or door mats! I was actually kind of jealous. I want a fancy doormat! While they were painting away, I learned most of my section’s girls’ names. As I am naturally inept when it comes to remembering names, I was thrilled when I got 90% of them right.

Slowly but surely, I’m getting more and more names down and loving being back under the dome.

Peace, love, Dub!


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