Fight Like a Champion

You would think I would feel bad about being aggressive to take pictures with famous people after having so many people in India sneak pictures of me, the blond white girl. But no, researchers have discovered that aggressive camera use is definitely acceptable, especially when the result is a picture with Regis Philbin!

He is really short but he’s adorable!

Regis wasn’t the only celebrity alumnus to appear at Notre Dame yesterday. The pep rally for the Michigan State game was graced by the presences of Condoleezza Rice, an ND graduate, the actual Rudy Ruttiger, former head coach Ara Parseghian and the 1966 National Championship winning Fighting Irish football team!

The Real Rudy Ruttiger!

Last night also marked Notre Dame’s first professional boxing match hosted in the JACC on campus. “Fight Like a Champion” featured main event Mike Lee, a 2009 graduate of Notre Dame and three time winner of Bengal Bouts, who is now 7-0 undefeated and five other fights. The proceeds from the fight went to the Ara Parseghian Foundation to support research on Neimann Pick Type C disease. The fights were fantastic! We had ringside seats and were close enough to see without having to glance up at the jumbo-tron. Since we were on the floor, we got tickets to the Mike Lee after party where I got an autograph and a picture with him!

He had already showered by this time. 🙂

Needless to say, last night was a great amazing night spent with my dad and a few friends. Let’s just hope the game today lives up to the hype from last night!

Go Irish! Beat Spartans!


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