Fairytales and Daydreams

 Have you ever wanted your life to be like a fairy tale? Have you ever wanted to be swept off your feet by that guy who you initially hated but grew to love throughout your far-fetched encounters? Have you ever wished for Prince Charming to show up with one of your favorite shoes and slide it onto your foot as he professed his love? A fantasy of almost every girl who has ever picked up a Disney movie or a romantic comedy is to have a movie moment in her own life. Why else do romantic comedies make so much money? It is off of the girls who dream about them coming true!I know men will go see them–even pay for them– to appease the woman they are with, but the movies are not designed for a male audience. They are for our girlish dreams. Dreams that we one day hope to come true and see us with the love of our life and a castle and a tiara and rainbows and unicorns and–stop me whenever you feel like it. While that might not be every girl’s dream, we all have something along the same lines that we wistfully daydream for.

Not only do we witness these fantastically cheese-filled perfect endings while we are at the theater, or curled up on the couch with a blanket, pillow and box of tissues in the case of the Notebook, but we also see them on Facebook. I particularly remember the phase where everyone was taking “quizzes” on Facebook. One that struck me in particular was the “Which famous movie kiss are you?” quiz.

If you take a second to logically evaluate that question, you can see that it is preposterous. How could I, a three dimensional, living, breathing human being, transform into a two dimensional lip-lock? It is just not feasible. Even so, anyone flipping through the results of that quiz (Yes, I took it, no I will not tell you which movie I got unless you have food for bribes) can catch a glimpse into the desires of most women to reach that kind of picturesque, iconic romance in their own lives.

Is it unrealistic to daydream about these kinds of these? Maybe, but where would we be without them? Where would we be if Cinderella never dreamed to go to the ball to meet her Prince Charming? If Simba did not fall in love with Nala? If Captain Shang never forgave Mulan? If Catherine Heigl never decided to act in rom-coms? In my opinion, it would be a sad, sad world and I am more than happy to indulge in my daydreams, even if only to write a blog post about them. Happy dreaming!

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