Travel Monkey Likes to Travel

I think I inherited the travel gene from my dad. In approximately twelve hours, I will be getting picked up to start my medical brigade in Quito, Ecuador for the week of fall break. Sponsored by the Timmy Foundation, I and about fourteen other students, two doctors, a PA, a pharmacist and a nurse will depart from the airport on our trip tomorrow morning to work in a clinic serving patients from around Quito.This will be my latest traveling adventure in my infamous unspoken and unacknowledged ‘continent contest’ with my dad. He has always been a world traveler because of meetings and clients galore. Because he works so hard, we as a family have been able to travel with him. I’m positive that I inherited the travel gene.

You see, Dad and I have been neck and neck in our continent contest and at long last, I am about to pull ahead. (The contest may or may not exist only in my head, fyi.) At this very moment, we are tied. We have both been to Asia (Dad- China and more, Me- India), Africa, Europe, and North America. Dad has visited South America in the past but has not been to Australia. I was lucky enough to go to Australia with People to People Student Ambassadors back in 2003 sans parents. Recap: we’re tied 5-5. Soon, I will be up to 6 continents! How blessed can one person be? How lucky am I to have a family that works so hard that I am able to do such amazing things?!

I cannot wait to go and serve the people of Quito in a medical setting. The chance to practice my medical Spanish combined with experiencing the culture of Ecuador is going to be fantastic. I am so proud of the Timmy Foundation’s mission and am glad to be a part of it. I hope everyone has safe travels this fall break and I’ll be back in a week! God bless!

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