Let It Snow!

As the snow falls furiously outside my dorm room window I realize how much I love it here at Notre Dame. Then I shiver and remember fondly the hours of laying in the sun in Key West. Life has been so busy the past two months with exams, choosing courses, Christmas, New Years and more that I haven’t been able to think of a cohesive/witty post! Oh, to those who mentioned it to me, I tweaked with the comment settings so you should be able to post comments and Blogger shouldn’t block you out!

Last semester, I left you while I ran around attempting to learn organic chemistry and twitching at the mention of a tetrahedral intermediate. No more! I have passed both my semesters of ‘orgo’ and am through with it! Well, at least until I have to do a refresher for the MCAT. This semester starts my second semester of general chemistry filled haphazardly with everything they think we should know presented in no noticeable order. Yay chemistry! /endsarcasm.
I am doing more with anthropology this semester with two classes instead of just one. I left my biological anthropology class this morning a little stunned. My professor seems like a very no-nonsense type of person who is not afraid to call you out when you are rude or inappropriate. Let’s just say it will be…interesting to see how the class progresses. I am excited for the material though. Primates may not be my favorite animals but I am interested to learn through bone structure and fossil analysis why we can draw the conclusions we do about evolution and origins.
My other anthropology class is Fundamentals of Archaeology. I think this class will either be very good, or very, very bad. I am, how shall I say it, not enthusiastic about archaeology. I respect the discipline and recognize the incredible things that have been unearthed and how they contribute to our understanding. Personally, however, I have no desire to go dig up pots, tools, etc. Fossils — maybe. Pots — no.
All in all I’m getting back in the swing of being at school after a great time visiting with the folks and my friends! I hope yall’s new year has started off as well as mine has!

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