Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer’s Day?

Dearest reader(s?),I have been away for far too long. To help catch you up on how wonderfully busy my life has been, I have composed this little poem just for you. I can only hope that my poor attempts at rhyming bring a smile to your face.

As swiftly as the weather,
this spring semester has come together
They started out as six little courses,
but transformed quickly into overwhelming forces.
Campus bloomed with the promise of spring
only to have snow flurries and clouds tightly cling
 Through the clouds, saw one repast
after forty days sans makeup, my Lenten fast,
Easter Sunday dawned bright and sunny
and the congregation hopped about just like a bunny.
Exams came and exams went
and still three more this week! Will they ever relent?
Finals approach under spell of darkness,
the end of the semester has come with abruptness.
As I look forward to Mexico next fall,
I cannot stand to wait at all!
But in the meantime there is work to be done
shadowing physicians and archaeology fun!
As for this blog, do not despair
“One post a week” says the optimist, as if in prayer.
For your patience you shall be rewarded,
There are posts to come, I am not to be thwarted.


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