La Preciocita

After a full week of “pre-orientation” orientation we thought we had Saturday off. Alas, we had our first exam on medical Spanish. It was much more intense than we anticipated but I think everyone passed. 

Once we finished our exam, the study abroad office decided to take us on a field trip to this small community called La Preciocita. Two hours of driving in a bus over bumpy roads was not the most pleasant experience but we all became better friends with this guy called Dramamine. He loves bus rides in Mexico.

The community that we drove to is called La Preciocita. It is a community of women that UPAEP is working to empower to make decisions. Why? Because all of their husbands/sons/brothers have immigrated (most illegally) into the United States. The menfolk are working and sending back money. About 70% of all immigrants in the United States are from the state of Puebla. 

They made us lunch and told us their stories. (The picture is only course 1 of 3.) It was very intriguing to listen to why their husbands immigrated illegally and how even getting paid $6 a day vastly improved the lives of their families back in Puebla. 

We had a good discussion and reflection. My eyes were opened to the side of  immigration that is not portrayed in the US. I’m not saying that illegal immigration is right, only that it is an issue that we often ignore. 

After we spoke with the women at La Preciocita we regrouped with some public health students from St. Louis and pulled out a piñata for the children of the area. They ran out as soon as one of the points of the star piñata fell of to grab it. I learned shortly later that these were used both as hats and as holders for candy. Those kids were smarter than I game them credit for. Although, Liam had to save the day once when a very young boy ran out for a point while another child was still swinging with the bat. 

Despite grumblings in the morning about wanting to rest, we had a great time. Later that night we ventured as a group to El Camino Real in Cholula which is a street full of… guess it: bars and clubs. A local friend of one of the ND students got us a reservation at the most popular club and we had an absolute blast. There will be more trips to Cholula although we need to find a Salsa club for sure!

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