Que Padre! Part 1: Sunday

There is a slang phrase here in Puebla that loosely translates to “How cool!” or “How awesome!”. This wonderful phrase is “Que padre!” Confusing, right? The word padre is the Spanish word for father. I don’t completely understand how it came to mean cool but I guess we have some pretty strange slang in the US so I’ll just roll with it. The only phrase that could describe this past week is “Que padre!”, therefore: this week will be written in parts under the same title. (Aka: I couldn’t think of any more snazzy titles in my sleep deprived brain.)

After our time in Cholula on the street of bars, Sunday went by relatively calmly. The homestay moms took us on a tour of downtown Puebla. Regular orientation will take us downtown but it is going to be much less specific. We had a fantastic time on the top of a double decker bus taking pictures and only slightly listening to the Spanish narration. Ok, I didn’t really listen at all. I was too busy taking pictures to focus and translate what was being said. What can I say? I ameasily distracted by pretty things and Puebla is beautiful!

Housemates in front of the Cathedral in Puebla.

We also toured this church that is almost completely made of gold. We’ll go back there on the regular orientation tour as well. There was no flash allowed and I happened to leave my camera memory card at home so the picture is a wee bit blurry. 

We played some frisbee later that day and learned just how bad we were compared to those of the group who actually play ultimate. Lots of fun was had. 

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