Que Padre! Part 2: Monday

Monday consisted of our first day of real orientation with the rest of the Intercambios program. We actually ended up arriving a full hour early because the rest of the students needed to take photos for their student IDs. So, what do we do when bored? Explore and make our own fun! Thus was Ultimate Hula Hoop born. It is the exact same as ultimate frisbee but with mini hula hoops. 

That night several of the guys wanted to go see Batman at the Spanish theater with Spanish subtitles. I wasn’t in the mood to see it again, though I enjoyed it the first time. We were planning on meeting at Kingdom, a UK themed bar close to our neighborhood but it was closed. So the guys went to the karaoke bar a few buildings down. We met them there and instead of just socializing before the guys left for the movie, we ended up singing karaoke for two hours!

Picture credit to Katelyn at Méxiconnected.

We decided the night was over when some drunken Mexican men started singing and dancing to Justin Bieber’s “Baby”. We had paid the bill and were about to walk out when they requested Don’t Stop Believing. We had to stay and sing, of course. It was an absolute blast! Three cheers to surprise girls’ night out!

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