Que Padre! Part 5 & 6: Thursday & Friday

On Thursday, we took a walking tour into the center of Puebla. This tour was the UPAEP sponsored one to supplement the bus tour from our host mothers last weekend. We saw this beautiful university on our way to the central plaza. 

We had a nice time walking around. We went back to the church from last Sunday and took a few more pictures of the statues since we weren’t interrupting a service. After exploring, we had lunch with some of the doctors with whom we will be working this semester. The seating was rather strange so I ended up across the way from the head of the hospital in Cholula, my first rotation location. I got to speak to him a little and snuck in my love of all things orthopedic in the hopes of getting assigned to an orthopedic surgeon. We got back home and decided to play some frisbee in spite of the lightning. We had a good twenty minutes before fat droplets started pouring. I was already a little sick at this point so I figured freezing in the rain was not the best way to go so a couple other girls and I scooted back home. 

Friday we took a tour of Cholula. Cholula is only about ten minutes away from the city of Puebla and is home to the largest pyramid in Mexico. The catch? Most of the pyramid is covered with grass and trees.

The museum had a model of what the archaeologists predict it looked like. There are apparently seven pyramids underneath the actual main pyramid! On the tip top? A gorgeous church. There were lots of stairs to climb to get to the top but the view was absolutely worth it. 

After exhausting ourselves on the tour, we went to this restaurant that proclaimed they had the “Best Sangria in Puebla”. How dare they claim such a lofty title? It was practically our duty to evaluate their statement. 

…it was pretty accurate. These two days were a wonderful conclusion to orientation week and I cannot believe that classes start on Monday! Ayayay! Here goes nothing!

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