El Fin (de la semana)

This weekend has been fantastic. Saturday consisted of a morning Walmart trip for cough and cold medicine for yours truly and a Skype date with the Mr. and Mrs.. We walked around our local mall, Triangulos, as well. My grande Chai Tea Latte was exactly what my sick self needed.

Half of our group went out dancing in Cholula last night while the other half watched a movie at Katelyn’s. Despite choices like Pirates of the Caribbean, 300, and Sherlock Holmes, the group voted for Drive. 

Pros: Ryan Gosling is in this movie.

Cons: There is an obscene amount of unnecessary gore. Most of said gore is caused by Ryan Gosling. (For example: random makeout scene followed by a head getting smashed in by Ryan Gosling’s foot.) 

The movie was…shall we say interesting? It was very…artsy. I’ll say nothing more.

Sunday dawned bright and gorgeous. When I say dawned, I mean I rolled out of bed and checked to see if it was raining around 10:30am. We went to mass at noon and had the same priest from last week. What I love most about Catholic mass is that no matter where I am, the US, India, Ecuador or here it is the same. However, when the priest mumbles rapidly into the microphone in its necklace/carrying case I’m not going to understand a single thing. We’re going to try a different mass time next week in the hopes of getting a different priest who speaks a little slower and more intelligibly. 

Tonight we’ve got game night and another movie! I’m reserving my veto power on this one though. I will fight for Despicable Me!


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