Más despacio, por favor!

This week was our first week of classes. We used the bus without too many incidents although there was a lot more traffic than we were used to. It seems all schools in the area started on Monday, not just the universities.

To kick of the school year, UPAEP held a mass. It was almost like being at ND. The monsignor even talked slow enough for me to understand! The convocation afterwards was another matter. I think the school’s president spoke for around 45 minutes without water but even I, with my limited Spanish abilities, could tell that the speech had built in redundancies. I don’t know if it was for those students who dozed off midway or just to emphasize his points. 

I am taking five classes in addition to my internship at the hospital. For my very first class at UPAEP in Mexico, we weren’t given a room number. After a little exploring, our entire ND group (I think all of us are taking this course) ended up in some laboratory building off campus for Histology. It was a typical first class, meaning that she went over the syllabus and what she expected of us. The entire class is divided into equipos or teams. I am in a team with two Mexicanos and two other ND students. We have worked relatively well together thus far which is good news. The Mexican male student in our group kept trying to snag my digits which was flattering and then annoying as he became more persistent. It helps to remind myself that he, even though he is a first year medical student, got out of high school in May and is therefore, a silly freshman. 

I’m also in an anthropology class which consists of 6 Notre Dame students and our teacher. We spent the entirety of the first class watching YouTube videos of insects our teacher wanted us to eat while he admonished the girls for not having Mexican boyfriends. It was fantastic. We did some school relevant things as well, of course. He asked us what we wanted to learn and said he would build our requests into the course! I cannot wait to learn more about pre-Conquest history in Mexico. My theology class is called The Dialogue Between Science and Religion. I cannot contain my excitement for this class although I did have to overload on credits to be able to take it. We’ll see if I have to drop it. Hopefully not! My psychology class is probably going to be the hardest only because there are more Mexicanos than intercambios in the class so the teacher talks rather quickly. 

We have no class on Friday so the weekend starts a bit earlier! 


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