Scaling Obstacles

I cannot believe that I have already been here for three weeks! I won’t say that I am not homesick but I am having an absolute blast here. This past weekend was full of adventure. Thursday night consisted of plans made at 11pm that concluded with karaoke at 2am. Many adventures were had. On Friday, a small group of us took a field trip to Fusion – a rock climbing facility.  It was incredible. We first did what is called bouldering. You don’t wear a harness because you are climbing over a large mat and the wall is only ten feet tall. The challenge? There are hundreds of grips and you are encouraged to go upside down! 

My fingers and arms were super sore afterwards but it was awesome. The funny part of the day was in the process of walking to our meeting place to take the bus, I stepped funny on the misshapen sidewalk and turned my ankle. I twisted my ankle walking to a (semi)extreme sporting gym. How’s that for luck? 

Our resident expert was definitely Andrea. Whenever she climbed, the rest of us could only watch in awe.

We tried to leave (after a good three hours of intense climbing) but the weather had different plans. Outside of the gym a river had developed that few cars were brave enough to pass. The entrance to the gym was raised a good meter from the road which, in the case of heavy rain, meant the sidewalks on either side were submerged. But our luck was in! There was a long window with bars across it above the water. With our newfound climbing abilities, we scaled the wall and skipped out on the 2 feet deep water until we reached the shallower sidewalk. 

After a brief wait in the deluge, we managed to get taxis to take us back home.  I recall failing miserably when I tried to serve myself dinner on Friday night. My hands shook and my fingers could barely grasp a spoon! Saturday consisted of a game of soccer in the church park and relaxing. Saturday night, despite a struggle fest of people trying to make plans, we watched Despicable Me. That is definitely one of my favorite movies! A great weekend to mark a great week! Bring on week two of classes!


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