Concept Maps

It seems like every teacher’s favorite thing to do here is assign concept maps. Using bubbles, arrange the chapter, says the teacher. Present it front of the class. Ok, so maybe they do not say bubbles and instead gravely instruct us in the proper use of nodules but still. Same thing. One would think this is exciting and easy. Alas, life becomes more complicated when you put five people into one group with limited instruction and expect magic to happen. I have so far been assigned three concept maps and one professor drew one of his own in class. It was even requested when I discussed this post with a friend that I make it into a concept map. I love you all…but not that much. Too many concept maps. 

On Tuesday morning we decided to have a little adventure. Two girls had gone to this hole in the wall place for breakfast the day before and with minor directional difficulties we made our way there. I ate the most delicious sopes. They are semi-soft tortillas with beans baked in, slathered in salsa and your meat of choice. Personally, I got salsa on the side but all four of us gorged ourselves.

 Clase de baile was a wonderful way to start of classes. There are always more men than women at our exclusive exchange student only dance lessons but some of the men are a more zealous than the others. Exhibit A: Within ten minutes of beginning the class, my poor toe was a bloody mess. Note: this is the same toe that suffered nail crunching on the bus the first week. After cleaning up the mess, I got back to business and managed to figure out the first spin that we have learned. Our instructor calls it “Coca Cola” which makes no sense but is hilarious when he shouts it. Salsa is so much fun — definitely the highlight of my week!


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