The Clouds Fade Away

I didn’t have class until 10am this morning. The extra sleep was glorious! It was an absolutely beautiful day outside. I finally bought my new notebook for physics. It is filled with graph paper and even has a page full of stickers. The notebooks here are fantastic. There are barely any “normal” or quiet notebooks. The themes may vary between denim, cartoons, cars or comic book exclamations but each notebook stands out. It is very refreshing but brings me back to the Lisa Frank phase of middle school. That’s not a phase I’m eager to return to.

I ended up dropping my psychology class. I was already overloading on credits to take it so I am now back to the allowed number of credits.  It was going to be a lot of work for general elective credit. I would rather spend more time on comprehending the mess that is my physics homework than scrambling to do my psychology reading. Not to mention all of the fun music things that I’m getting into. I get a guitar for the semester tomorrow! I cannot wait.

Histology got cancelled today and since I no longer have psychology, I was able to get home before 7:30pm! I feel a soccer game coming on…after I attempt my physics homework. 

Maybe before.


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