Adventures in Puebla

After our weekend in DF, it was my housemate’s and my turn to plan a weekend. Because we were travelling the following week, we decided to stay in Puebla and have some adventures there. It was Mexican Independence weekend so we got Thursday afternoon off from class and UPAEP hosted a Noche Mexicana fiesta on campus. With a fifty peso cover, we did not expect having to pay for any food or event that we wanted to do. Although it was entertaining to watch people rock the robotic bull — er, bison. 

After the fiesta we met up on Avenida Juarez to go to a salsa club called Rumba Café. Through ingenuity and a heap of luck, I managed to get seven of us in without the fifty peso cover and even got us a free round of margaritas! In these dresses, how could they not give us free things?

On Friday we held a surprise birthday party for one of the girls here and were entrusted with the destruction of a Spiderman piñata. He was methodically dismembered with a short stick for the benefit of our sweet teeth. We had to use a short stick because we were too strong for the poor guy and would have knocked him from the sky too quickly. 

Our fierce birthday girl donned his clothing and took it as a trophy. The puppeteers enjoyed their job just as much as those of us on the ground.

Saturday brought with it the actual day of Mexican Independence. Our host mothers had a party planned for us with the appropriate types of dance. We all wore our most festive Mexican clothing which for most of us meant the jerseys that we bought at the Mexico v. USA futbol game from earlier in the semester. We also played an intense game of musical chairs that may or may not have ended with someone on the floor having been dislodged from a chair. 

After the party we took a rather sketchy bus downtown. Our final destination was in front of the Governor’s Palace in el Zocalo for el Grito but first, we had a second half to watch! Notre Dame was in the middle of playing highly ranked Michigan St. We explored amid the rain and dark to find a small bar with ESPN International. With just the purchase of one drink, they brought us full meals including soup as an appetizer! After victory over the Spartans we got to el Zocalo just in time to yell, “Viva!” with our fellow poblanos.


We spent some time after the unexpectedly brief Grito listening to a concert on the other side of the plaza. A few of my more inebriated companions decided square dancing was a great idea and I enjoyed watching many of the Mexicans pull out cameras to film the crazy gringos. To finish off our weekend in Puebla, we went to a soccer game for Puebla Football Club. Through the assistance of my host brother, we managed to get seats in the intense fan section. There were flags, face paint and continuous chanting. This was all a little strange because the team is actually horrible! (Quote from my host brother!) They were tied for a while at the end 2-2 but then the other team scored again.

We took the bus back but apparently the driver had a vendetta against Americans because he took us on an hour long loop that he said ended outside of our house but in fact was a complete waste of time and we were only able to get off at the mall which is a ten minute walk from our neighborhood. Despite the long scenic bus ride of Puebla, it was an absolutely fabulous weekend. We had enough time to relax after travelling and catch up on homework that had piled up. 


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