Mexico from 13,000 Feet

The weekend of September 29th, a group of us decided , what the heck? Let’s go climb a mountain! We bussed up to 10,000 feet at La Malinche, a popular mountain near Puebla originally revered as a fierce rain goddess. We hiked for many, many, many hours. 

My housemate and I proudly brought up the rear of the climbing train. Most of the terrain was straight up and as we got to 11,000 feet the air was definitely thinning. Even with thinning air, we lightened the mood as several people (mostly me) caught their breath by climbing trees. 

After climbing vertically for 3,000 feet we finally reached the tree line. The clouds were rolling in and it was a little later in the afternoon that we had hoped so we decided to stop there. Also, seeing as it rains here almost everyday, we did not want to go downhill on an already slippery slope with the added assistance of rain. 

I actually cannot find any pictures of myself at the top but I took these photos so I promise I did it! If you don’t believe me, ask my muscles from the three days afterwards.

As the person with the most awesome camera and rapid fire (Thanks, Mom!), we were able to stage an awesome jumping picture across a rain-made trail that went down the mountain a ways.

I don’t know if the men were on a high from suddenly receiving a lot more oxygen as we descended but they were determined to display their fierceness by throwing rocks and logs at things. Like trees. And innocent photographers. This backfired when they ended up throwing a large log against a tree that withstood the blow. The protruding branch pierced a hole in one of the men’s jeans close to a very sensitive area on the rebound. The good friends that we are — we took lots of pictures of his misfortune. The foolery was not all the men, a few girls, myself included, did Gangam Style on a log on the way down. I’m not sure where that video went but I’d sure like to see it. I most definitely fell off the log at the end. 

Despite the setback and scare, the boys continued to display their “manliness” as we got to more oxygen rich terrain. After a hard day of work climbing a mountain what is there to do but have a girls night? About seven of us girls ordered stuffed crust pizza from Pizza Hut and crammed into my bedroom and watched The Proposal on an itty bity TV. A perfect ending to a grueling (but awesome) day!


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