While I know you have enjoyed seeing all of the pictures of the shenanigans that I have been up to, I feel like I’ve left you bereft of your usual dose of my overdramatic wit. To rectify this most egregious lack, I say to you, enjoy. 

Puebla 2012 kicked off October with a 21st birthday celebration. Now, the drinking age in Mexico is 18 so you would think the American 21st would not hold as much weight. However, in good spirits, we celebrated like we would have were at Notre Dame…on a Tuesday. Don’t make that face! Tuesday, meaning, we got the birthday girl good and comfortable then all left to go do our histology homework. Before you think us cruel, we had fun playing 21 themed games like our favorite based on Monty Python’s Ministry of Silly Walks . The 21 Silly Walks of the birthday girl featured zombie with a tic and broken foot, sumo wrestler, inchworm and even a Notre Dame squirrel on God Quad. Yes, I do have pictures and no, for her sake I’m not sharing. 

That weekend we had a program built between UPAEP and Notre Dame to educate us about how Mexican culture views death. We had lectures in the morning, one of which was on Dia de los Muertos or Day of the Dead which is celebrated from November 1st to the 2nd. It is bound to be a lot of fun. I am very excited!

After our lectures and my brief and frustrating non-encounter with the woman in charge of our visas (I say non-encounter because she did not show up), we had lunch at the UPAEP Cooking School. I know, this school has it all! I had fish ‘a la diabla’ which was absolutely fantastic and this weirdly textured yet delightful mussel and shrimp cold soup. We absconded to another lecture with full and happy bellies. 

The night of the 5th, we celebrated another 21st birthday party at one of the host family’s homes. They have a tradition that I am going to adopt for the rest of my life: on your birthday, you get to pop however many balloons as match your age. The kicker? You get to pop them with a knife. Furious Non-violent balloon popping ensued as the birthday boy had at it.On second thought, this might be a tradition that starts a little later in life. Knifes are dangerous.

The party continued when one of the host brothers who is from Ecuador and living in Mexico for four years brought out the keyboard. He is a music major and serenaded us at his host mother’s expressed whim. After a while, one of the girls remembered that I could play the love theme from Titanic on the piano. At the name Titanic, the excitement level, for one guy in particular, ramped up and I was ‘volun-told’ to play. After my turn, two other girls and the Ecuadorian host brother took the piano and continued the fun. 

To finish off the party, we found a LivingSocial deal that sent all sixteen of us to Cozumel for four nights all inclusive for a great price! There was fierce coordinating trying to figure out who had credit cards but by the time we left, it was done. I’m going to Cozumel at the end of the semester! Woohoo! Partly in celebration of Cozumel and partly because some girls had bought Bailey’s, we had a second girl’s night in and watched Friends With Benefits at my house. I had forgotten how funny that movie was!

But, it was definitely better watching it with just girls. That could’ve been awkward. We were only one day into the weekend and it was already full! 


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