The Four O’Clock (Ski) Run

It has been about one month since I arrived back in the United States. I swear it feels like I have been back for much longer than that. One of the first things I ate when I got back to the states was several pieces of delicious pizza and I guzzled at least a half-gallon of milk. I couldn’t devise a better re-entry if I tried.

The Christmas season was up and going when I got home and we only needed to add ornaments to complete our tree. There was a lot of wrapping for me to do with all the things I brought back from Mexico. As much as I would like to say otherwise, my wrapping skills have not progressed beyond the skills of a four year old. That is to say, I placed the gift in the center of a piece of tissue paper and proceeded to tie it with ribbon.  Personally, I was blessed to receive a new guitar from my parents with which I cannot wait to play at Notre Dame.

I was barely home long enough to settle into the house before flying out to Denver to spend some quality time with my girlfriends from PW at Notre Dame. We had some hilarious adventures.

We went skiing at Breckenridge Beaver Run and as a previously not confident skier, I skied my first blue run! It was called the Four O’Clock. The reason this is so impressive cool is because of the difficulty level. When you first start skiing and taking lessons you are on the bunny slopes. Then you move up to green slopes which are beginner/early intermediate runs. Next come the blue and then the black diamond runs. It was terrifyingly awesome. The run was over three miles long so we were only able to do it twice in the entire afternoon until we left…at four o’clock. (It was meant to be!) The two others I was with and I flew down the slopes while the rest of the girls participated in ski school.

Since two of us had only recently returned from Mexico, we arranged to meet one of our Puebla guys who lives in Denver for lunch. Our goal for the next semester is to introduce our dorm friends to our Puebla family to share how awesome they all are. 1/14, check! Mexican Monday dinner at the dining hall has already been scheduled.

Before leaving Colorado we celebrated the new year with Dance Central, Pitch Perfect and the StarWars Kinect video game. I have to say, pretending to be waving around a light saber was one of the most fun things I have ever done.

A quick turn around, going home only to leave for an overnight at Vanderbilt, followed. A book series that I have been following since middle school and that has been running since 1990 finished with the 14th book, A Memory of Light, by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson on the 8th. It is hard to believe that the series is actually over and I have not completely gotten over the ending and how all the pieces fell together. If you are interested in fantasy books, I highly recommend starting the Wheel of Time series with The Eye of the World. They are lengthy books but every page is worth it.

After one more quick respite in Memphis, I was off to Notre Dame via Detroit. Classes haven’t started yet but I am eager to begin the semester and get back into the swing of things. I am still figuring out how I feel about not being back in Puebla but I’m sure I’ll do so once I start classes. I have not had any classes yet but am already extremely busy!

I can’t lie to you. I missed this.

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