On days like this when it is gorgeously sunny and I am stuck inside studying for the GRE, it hits me that I am a second semester junior. When did that happen? 

I’m starting my applications for graduate school. I don’t recognize people in the hallways of my dorm. I have real responsibilities. My friends are going to be RAs. I have students in a lab that kind of depend on me. Midterms have come and gone. It is Easter weekend and finals are just around the corner. Ahhhhhh!

To my chagrin, screaming and flailing around does not, in fact, halt and reverse time. As my classes pick up in speed, I pick up more distractions intellectually stimulating non-academic time consuming tasks. For example: recently getting addicted to the tv show Supernatural, my ongoing fling with Doctor Who, browsing Hulu to my heart’s content, and/or finding GIFs that perfectly fit with random situations in my life and bringing them to you here. 

But let’s be honest, the clash of studying, watching that new episode, pre-ordering the next book in the series, and rushing to class is what keeps life interesting. So I feel (only a little) guilt as I open up a new tab to Netflix/Facebook/Tumblr/*insert addictive website here* while my GRE book lies neglected next to the computer. It’ll get done — that’s the interesting part. 

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