Write! Write! Write!

It seems like all I have done the past few weeks is write. Write this essay. Write in your course schedule. Write in your journal. Write a blog post. The reason, I think, that writing has become so important these last few weeks is because of some new projects I’m working on.

Obviously, graduate school applications take precedence. Well, nominally they are priority number one but they often get pushed to the side. I have four or five essays to write for my primary applications to physical therapy school and despite meager efforts to the contrary, I am procrastinating.

There are many fun ways to procrastinate. One, go workout. I have done more cardio and lifting in the past few weeks than I did all last spring. While this is good for my body and spirit, it does not bode as well for my work. Two, clean my room. Oh yes, I’m that desperate to procrastinate. My floor is visible (oh the horror!) and my desk is clear enough to be usable. I even have my two motivational obsidian sculptures from Teotihuacan staring me down and encouraging me, through their steely glares, to get off my lazy pedestal and be productive. 

My third  procrastination method has begun to get away from me. See, I had this idea when I was in India. This character named Anika started to form in my mind during the long train rides and in between teaching classes. I was too busy for her then so she went on the back burner. She, however, was not too busy for me. While talking about writing and novels with my friend and writer by profession, Rose, Anika practically jumped in front of my face and did jumping jacks in an attempt to get my attention. Do you think that’s a little dramatic? Well, don’t be concerned, I did too. Read the title of this blog. You knew what you were getting into when you started reading this. 

Needless to say, she got my attention. A few weeks before, I downloaded this program called Scrivener for a writing project designed to help my friend over post-exams writer’s block. Sending letters back and forth from the perspectives of two cousins separated by a few solar systems was supposed to be a low stress way for her to ease back into the flow of writing. Little did I know it was like eating one potato chip or one handful of popcorn for me. I couldn’t stop. Enter Anika doing handstands and flips and I was hooked. 

I started writing. A few weeks worth of outlining and character development later, I sent out a sample to a few beta readers to see what they thought. The feedback was incredible and they begged me for more. So here I am. I have huge grad school essays to write but I’m playing with a story. I have jumped into Anika’s world and have barely come up to breathe/workout/clean/go to the movies/cook. And you know what? I am loving it.  

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