NYC Day 2 or Mood and the Hipster Coffee Shop

New Yorkers do not match the stereotypes of mean, busy people. Everyone we met offered helpful and kind directions. Three of us left the hotel to get downtown early in the morning to line up for Rush tickets for Chicago at the Ambassador Theater. We were the first to arrive, but felt strange loitering at the entrance to the theater. We jumped across the street to a hipster coffee place. All of the baristas wore a form of fedora/hat/thing. As I am wont to do, my Earl Grey tea spilled over and boiled my hand. We walked back over to the theater and waited behind two other girls. We played whatever games we could think of to pass the time and a misheard phrase that originally was perfectly normal became “putter-on-the-pancreas.” Yeah, I don’t know either. We were sleep deprived.

Our sleep deprivation worked and we got five orchestra seats for that night’s showing of Chicago. Tickets clutched tightly to our chests, we met the rest of the group in the NYC public library while touring the traveling exhibit of children’s books throughout history. The original dolls that inspired Winnie the Pooh were on display and a display about the history of Harry Potter made us feel old. The exhibits were inventive and clever. One was a stylized four-poster bed stood up on its end to showcase superhero comics read by flashlight under the covers.

Starved, we found a food truck, and I ate a brilliant lamb gyro in Bryant Park. I only shared a little bit with my shorts. Most went into my mouth. Hankering for something sweet, we popped into Tony di Napoli’s restaurant for a piece of cheesecake and mousse to split.

Next stop: Mood. Home of three trillion types of fabric, the Mood fabric store also supplies the television show Project Runway with its fabric. The most fashionable of the five of us got herself some fabric to fashion a shirt from.

The burger joint that we had heard good things about was closed for a private party so we enjoyed a yummy Vietnamese meal before show time. Chicago was very well done, and I think everyone enjoyed it. While making our way back to the hotel, we accidentally got on the express train and went at least six stops past the one we wanted before we were able to get off and backtrack. As soon as we got back to the hotel, we fell into bed exhausted but satisfied after a full day.


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