Bring Back the Books

Edit: For some reason all of my spacing went away. That has now been fixed!

All through middle school and high school, I was rarely without a book. Whether I had one stuffed in my purse or was blatantly reading at the dinner table, I always had one on me. With the advent of the Kindle, I could even read on my iPod without people being any the wiser. Unfortunately, as college grew harder and life started to pick up (ie. grad school), the books got shoved to the background.

What’s sad is that I still have the same amount of leisure time. Something else has filled my time. I have to confess it. I have a Netflix problem.

Where I used to read at least a book a month, I have barely read a thing these past few without solid nagging from a friend waiting on me to catch up in a series. (Read Brandon Sanderson. It doesn’t matter which book, just go.) In the same few months, I have watched many seasons of Scrubs, a few of Buffy, a few of Community, and even more. It needs to stop. As wonderful and amazing as these shows are, I need to get back to what made me the person I am. Get back to what helped me get into Notre Dame: reading for pleasure.

Therefore, thanks to gentle (or not so gentle) nudging from a friend, I have a list of books that I am going to read.

1) Self-Editing for Fiction Writers by Renni Browne & Dave King

Seeing as I am 70%(ish) of the way through overhauling my first manuscript, I should have finished this book months ago. Better late than never? There’s always the second revision pass.

2) The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky

I was able to meet the author last spring, and get a signed copy. The book will take less than three hours to read, but I haven’t sat down to do it yet. Plan made.

3) Run, Don’t Walk by Adele Levine, P.T. This book is a professional/fun book because it centers around a physical therapist who worked at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center with soldiers undergoing amputee rehab. I’ve imagined myself working with amputees for a while now, so I am incredibly eager to read this memoir. There we go. The list is public.

Whether anyone reads it or not, I’m accountable. I won’t completely forgo Netflix. That would be absurd. I still have several seasons of Buffy and Angel left. But now I seek a balance. So check back in a week. If I can get my lazy bum off the couch and into an armchair to read, I might just get something done.

7 thoughts on “Bring Back the Books

  1. I have book #1 in a prominent place on my shelf. It’s been indispensable to me for my writing. Book #2 I absolutely love! Book #3, I haven’t read, so I may have to add it to my list. Yes, Netflix can be a great distraction from reading, and I do believe that games and video are two of the reasons children today read less. So, I wish you great success in meeting your public goal of reading these three books, and I wish you a great deal of enjoyment as you do it!

    • Thank you for the well wishes! I am excited to get back into reading. I’m almost finished with Self Editing for Fiction Writers, and it will get a glowing review from me. I shouldn’t say finished. I think it is a book I will reference for the rest of my writing career!

  2. If you ever feel like picking up another absurdly long fantasy series the first few in Malazan Book of the Fallen are quite good if you’re ok with being lost for the first couple hundred pages

    • I have the first two at home. I tried reading the first one, but I didn’t make it to the end. I don’t remember if something came up or if I just put it down. Since you recommended them, I’ll have to put them back on my list!

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