I See Fire – Ed Sheeran

I promised you more Ed Sheeran and here he is. This song was written for the second Hobbit movie, and the lyrics are most definitely reminiscent of a fire-breathing dragon flying out of a mountain to rage and destroy. Though the song describes such a powerful image, the guitar picking pattern lends itself toward a calm, reflective tone. The juxtaposition of the subject matter and music crafts this song into one of my favorites. I’m vainly attempting to learn to play it on guitar, and it’s one of those “I’ll do it in my free time” projects. What is free time?

After going through my first round of graduate school midterms,  I feel like I lived through fire. That’s rather melodramatic (even for me), but it is what it is. As I recover from two sleepless weeks and get back on my regular blogging schedule, enjoy this wonderful, engrossing song from Ed Sheeran.

If you like/love/hate this song, let me know in the comments. Have a recommendation for me? Jot that down there too!

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