Honey, I’m Good – Andy Grammer

As soon as you click play on this song, you know it’s going to be good. I’ve been listening to Andy Grammer ever since my friend Amanda got me hooked in college. Two weeks ago, a close friend got engaged to the love of her life and this song popped to mind. The newly-engaged pair are both swing dancers and this upbeat song (while a tad fast at the intro) makes me think of them. It has already gotten the Reception Playlist seal of approval so I look can look forward to it next summer!

Not only are the lyrics highly entertaining, but–as per usual–I’ve fallen in love with the harmonies. Here’s another track to play steering-wheel drums to and blare in the car. In all the hub-bub of exams, I’ve been a tad MIA, but this southpaw’s on break and ready to revamp her routine.

Enjoy the song! Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Tweet-Tweet: Writer and music lover @m_schlitt shares why she loved Honey, I’m Good by Andy Grammer. Share what you think! (Click to tweet)


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