Try – Colbie Caillat

Every time that I listen to this song I either get goosebumps or teary-eyed. There aren’t many songs that affect me as strongly as this one does, and I wish every person could hear it at least once in their life. When I first watched the video, I had no idea what the song was about. It panned through a few women lip syncing, and I didn’t think anything looked strange or interesting. The women looked “normal” because seeing women in makeup is my normal. I don’t wear a lot of makeup–that has more to do with laziness than self-esteem– yet as the music video progressed and the women took their makeup off to reveal their beautiful selves, I was stunned.

I’ve been trying to meet new people recently and make friends and find people with whom I’d like to spend more time. I catch myself mid-conversation thinking oh wait, that wasn’t a good joke, don’t talk about video games, don’t mention your novel or they’ll think you’re insane. In those moments, I remember this song and realize that I am me. I have no one else to be. And that is a brilliant thing.

You are you. There is no one who can be you like you can. Why should we try and be someone else? Why do I need to wait after meeting someone before I show them the real me? I am awkward, an incompetent foodie, a computer-game lover, a boxer, and an author. I go to book club instead of bars. I am blessed to have so many passions to pursue and so many things and people I care about.

Now, I won’t start a conversation with a PT school joke from cadaver lab, but if we hang out for a while, it’s probably going to come up. That’s who I am. And there’s no one else I want to be.


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