Staying Sane in Physical Therapy School

If you read my earlier post on the similarities between graduate school and elementary school, you’ll recall the mention of a game called nine-square that my classmates and I play. My friends family members claim to understand the game once I’ve explained it, but I haven’t discussed how truly vital it is to out lives as DPT students. Without it, I truly think we would be lost.

The typical Monday of a first year PT student begins with traveling to class. Some have a five minute commute while others sit in their cars for over an hour. Then we sit down for our first two hour long lecture. Our classes range from two to four hours long, and we’re in class  for 31 hours a week. Some of those hours are spent standing in lab, but that’s a lot of sitting.

A big component of physical therapy is weight bearing. By putting weight through your bones and joints, you strengthen them. We need to stand, stretch, and weight bear regularly. That’s why our teachers have tricked us into playing nine-square at every break we get.

I’m not upset. Continue reading


Why I’m Doing NaNoWriMo Even Though I Know I Won’t Win


Last year was the first time I participated in NaNoWriMo, also known as National Novel Writing Month. You may have heard me talk about it personally or read one of the several posts I’ve written on it. NaNoWriMo was incredible.

I was dared to participate in the challenge to write 50,000 words in a month, and I exceeded that challenge. I ended on the 30th of November with over 60,000 words of a novel on my computer. Then I did the only thing I could think of–I kept writing. On December 27th, I typed those two fateful words: “The End.”
Since that day, I’ve been slowly but surely working my way through the draft, dusting plot bunnies away and putting dirt into plot holes. When someone mentioned NaNo to me a month ago ago, it got me thinking. Can I really do this all over again? The typical NaNoWriMo participant is tasked to write 50,000 new words during the month of November. This year participants can continue a work in progress, but I don’t have much new writing to do. I need to edit. To follow the rules, I’d need to begin a new novel.

The thought that keeps popping up in my head is this: I’m in graduate school now. My free time can be summed up in the moments I take to eat food while I’m studying. My goals have changed. Earning my doctorate is priority number one, but who says I can’t attempt  NaNo anyway? Start a new novel. Write 50,000 new words. The thing is, I don’t like to leave projects unfinished. Continue reading

I See Fire – Ed Sheeran

I promised you more Ed Sheeran and here he is. This song was written for the second Hobbit movie, and the lyrics are most definitely reminiscent of a fire-breathing dragon flying out of a mountain to rage and destroy. Though the song describes such a powerful image, the guitar picking pattern lends itself toward a calm, reflective tone. The juxtaposition of the subject matter and music crafts this song into one of my favorites. I’m vainly attempting to learn to play it on guitar, and it’s one of those “I’ll do it in my free time” projects. What is free time?

After going through my first round of graduate school midterms,  I feel like I lived through fire. That’s rather melodramatic (even for me), but it is what it is. As I recover from two sleepless weeks and get back on my regular blogging schedule, enjoy this wonderful, engrossing song from Ed Sheeran.

If you like/love/hate this song, let me know in the comments. Have a recommendation for me? Jot that down there too!

be my forever– Christina Perri, Ed Sheeran

If you’ve ridden in a car with me, you know that I sing with everything. I sing when I don’t know the words. I sing when I think I know the words, but I’m actually horribly wrong. I try to sing harmonies that don’t work. And once in a while, I find the right third/fifth/etc harmony and it sounds decent. Those times usually only happen when I’m alone. As one would expect. Continue reading

5 Reasons Elementary and PT Graduate School Are Actually the Same Thing

Graduate school.

Those two words would have terrified me as a child. Who would go to school as a job? As I sat on top of a slide during elementary school, I couldn’t imagine wanting to learn something so much that I would professionally go to school. I wanted to be an astronaut. To my second grade mind, all I had to do was show up at NASA headquarters, and they would let me play in the zero-gravity simulator.

Little did I know that I would end up in Indy studying after college to be the best physical therapist I can be. After a lunchtime aside made by a few of my DPT classmates, we were shocked to realize that grad school isn’t all that different from elementary school, and I was inspired to write this post.

1) Class

Whether there were 25 students or my current class of 48, we all go to class together. We walk across campus in a student physical therapist bundle as we drag our feet skip happily toward our next class. We’ve graduated from 50 minute classes to 3 hour classes, and we spend a good 31 hours per week together in the classroom, but it’s essentially the same thing. Continue reading

Pacific Rim: The Official Movie Novelization

Pacific Rim: The Official Movie NovelizationPacific Rim: The Official Movie Novelization by Alex Irvine

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

WARNING: Spoilers for the book and movie ahead. 

After falling in love with the movie, it was natural that I read the novelization. Irvine crafted an excellent tale with intriguing details that were absent from the movie due to the inherent limitations of film. However, what really ruined this novelization was one paragraph near the end of the novel that was different from the movie.

One of my favorite aspects of the film was the relationship between Raleigh and Mako. It is one of the few examples out there of a male and female working together without the need for romantic undertones. After the pair resurface from saving the world in the movie, they embrace as best friends drawn closer together by virtue of a shared experience. The novel has them kiss and provides an anecdotal thought from Mako that she had wanted to kiss Raleigh ever since she first laid eyes on him in his room. This lasted for only one paragraph, and I wish I had never read it.

It was as if the author had belatedly realized that he wanted there to be a romantic interest and tossed that in at the end. That he couldn’t have a complete book without some sort of romance. There was no buildup and no tension. If that paragraph were removed, the plot would not change. This was a novelization and was not the basis for the movie, and this change severely disappointed me. I enjoyed the deeper look into the world of Pacific Rim, but if I were to recommend this book to anyone, I would tell them to skip that paragraph. It has no effect on the plot, and ruined that moment of character development by turning Mako Mori from an incredibly awesome woman who could kick butt and run in the same world of robots with the best man into a ditzy female, consumed by her attraction to the protagonist.

Army of Angels — The Script

The Script came out with a new album this past week, and I could not have been more excited. Choosing just one song from their newest album was nearly impossible, but I hope you enjoy this one. (Don’t worry, there will be more.)

I’ve been listening to the Script ever since their first single was iTunes Free Song of the Week. As a mater of fact, I discovered my other favorite artist Matt Nathanson that way too. Hmm. I may need to open iTunes again. It has been gathering dust underneath Spotify.

Back on topic, Army of Angels deeply resonates with me as I work toward success in Indianapolis far away from my family and many of my friends. This song especially brings my parents to mind because I can easily feel them like my own army of support. They have supported and strengthened me throughout my entire life as I worked toward goals that I didn’t know I had.

When I’ve had a tough day fighting my demons, I know I have people that I can call/skype/text who love me and can bring me back up. To my army of angels, all I can say is thank you. Let this song remind you of how much you mean to me, and how you have strongly affected my life.

This is why I love The Script. Their songs have such power and can express how I feel more adequately than any blog post, text, or conversation ever could. If you haven’t listened to them before, I recommend you start.